who needs lethal hopes

i no longer want to be on someone else’s dream
nor find my name in somebody’s love letter—
butterflies will soon die
flowers will wither
smiles will fade in a dark and dull instance
days will go by
like no one fell inlove or just fell
like no one was shattered and hurt at first
i no longer want to be loved
i no longer want to love
because all i need now, is saving


she was looking a little odd
that day

that day

when no one really had
the audacity to ask


were her breasts covered by
nothing but a tiny piece of
satin cloth—dirty

her body

was stained with
blood and bruises
as well as her face
where dried tears were visible
as well as her grubby hair

everyone saw that

her ragged jeans were
so ragged that it seemed
to have been soaked in a mud—

no, it was not mud

it was blood

in the middle of the two
back pockets of her jeans
in the middle of her legs

she was completely hurt
but why

no one asked

why she was looking so odd

that day.