a writer who barely writes

I have all what I need—
a neat and clean paper
a pen, a nice pen perhaps
the stars that inspire me
a lot
of skies that make me dream
of extravagant things;
I have all what I need
to write something big
to write everything I love
to write about my life;
Yet I tend to rest
my eyes that are glued
above the skies and stars
Yet I tend to rest
these hands that are less
tired than my mind—
where countless musings
stay and make love;
Am I really a writer?
Perhaps I am.

5 thoughts on “a writer who barely writes

  1. Obviously you are. If you aren’t one you won’t be posting it here maybe. It happens sometimes. Just take a break but I don’t mean to say like take a very long break that you forget to come back. Take a short one.
    Clare xx


    1. Hi! Actually, there are days that I feel like super energetic to write while some days seem to make my hands and mind too tired to hold a pen and compose something meaningful. Well, I guess every writing sessions and stuff depends on the mood we’re in.
      I appreciate your comment, thank you so much!

      Liked by 1 person

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